Kerala state Mineral Development Corporation Limited (KEMDEL) was incorporated in June 1992. The main objectives to search for, discover, prospect, explore quarry, mine raise, exploit, beneficiate, process, manufacture, make merchantable, buy, sell, import, export, stock and deal in all minerals, mineral resources, ores, metals, rocks, fossil fuels, precious, ornamental and dimension stones and other mineral substances and all products obtained there from.
The company was non-operational till 2009 due to lack of required manpower and infrastructure facilities to carry-out the objective. The Government had entrusted with the task of de-silting of reservoirs and dams since 2009.

One of the significant policies of Government of Kerala is to protect and value addition of mineral resources of Kerala, under public ownership, with well-defined site specific management plan for mining to ensure ecological protection. The industrial policy announced by the present government, mining is reserved extensively for public sector units and KEMDEL has a large role to play in the mining activates of the State.