Kerala State Mineral Development Corporation Limited (KEMDEL) was incorporated in June 1992. The main objectives of this Corporation encunciated in the Memorandum of Association are :

1.  To search for, discover, prospect, explore, quarry, mine raise, exploit, beneficiate, process, manufacture, make merchantable, buy, sell, import, explort, stock and deal in all minerals, mineral resources, ores, metals, rocks, fossil fuels, precious, ornamental and dimension stones and other mineral substances and all products obtained there from.

2.  To enquire by lease, grant, assignment, transfer or otherwise any grants or concessions of any mineral field, mines, mineral and mine contracts, works and premises from any person or persons. Corporation, Company, Government or Local body in Kerala or elsewhere and to perform and fulfill the conditions thereof either by itself or in sub-lease or an arrangement with any other person, company, agencies or body corporate.

3.  To undertake studies and research on mineral resources, their exploitation and its impact on environment in the country or elsewhere and act as consultants, collaboratories, Technical experts and agents for the projects connected the minerals, metals, rocks and fossil fuels.

4.  To promote, establish, run, manage, finance advise, assist, and collaborate with any association firm, company, enterprise, undertaking or institution to plan organize and implement any programme for the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in the state and development of their down-stream products on a sound techno-economical basis.

II. Authorised Share Capital

As per the Article of Association of this Corporation, the authorized Share Capital of the Company is Rs.5,00,00,000/- (Rupees Five Crores only) divided into 5,00,000 (Five lakhs equity shares of Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred ) each.