Proposed Core Areas

Dimensional Stone (Granite) Quarry Mining

Import of sand from other state/Countries

Beach Sand mining /Heavy Mineral Concentration Plant

Silica sand mining

Offshore sea sand mining

Clay and Laterite mining

De-siltation of dams & reservoirs

Establishing Desiltation plant at harbours and dams

Training to quarry sector

KEMDEL is planning to impart training to quarry owners, operators and employees etc working under sector in order to regulate the rock quarry activities in Kerala. The training proposes for general awareness of quarrying, rules and regulation for getting EC, labour rules and safety & environmental aspects on quarrying.

De-silting of Dams

De-silting of dams is essential to restore the original capacity on account of sedimentation. The capacity enhancement dams are essential to meet the growing demand for irrigation. KEMDEL has already been completed the de-silting activates of many reservoirs in Kerala. KEMDEL is planning to undertake the de-silting activates in selected dams in line with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) prepared by the committee constituted for this purpose.